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Signs of Depression in Seniors

Portrait of thoughtful senior man

How can you tell the difference between feeling sad and experiencing depression? If you consistently feel emotionally low and it’s negatively affecting your life, you should know that there are things that you can do to help yourself kick the blues and rebound. Learning to recognize the signs of depression in seniors is a wonderful …

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Winter Skincare Tips for Seniors

Portrait of senior woman looking thoughtfully at camera

Winter offers plenty to love, including cozy sweaters, gorgeous snowfall, the fun of the holidays, and a wonderful excuse to stay inside with a warm cup of tea. Unfortunately, it also has some real downsides. For example, does your skin become more difficult to care for when it gets cold outside? Chilly weather and dry …

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How to Keep Your Mind Sharp

Group of seniors using laptops together

Cognitive decline is a concern for many seniors, but there are plenty of things you can do to prevent it. Do you know how to keep your mind sharp as you enter your golden years? Brain teasers can help, but many other tools are available for savvy seniors, too. How to Keep Your Mind Sharp …

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Summer Safety Tips for Seniors

Two smiling seniors exercising outside in summer

Are you ready to get outside and have some fun this summer? If so, don’t let your summer fun get derailed by a preventable injury! These summer safety tips for seniors can help you stay healthy and enjoy your summer to the fullest. Summer Safety Tips for Seniors Whether you’re spending your summer in beautiful …

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Why Is Flexibility Important for Seniors?

Senior woman stretching in the park

Bending your body into a pretzel for a game of Twister might have been child’s play in your younger years. But as we grow older, our bodies lose flexibility due to several normal parts of the aging process, including the thinning of cartilage and a lack of lubricating fluid in the joints. Fortunately, routine stretching …

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Yoga Stretches for Seniors

senior couple performing warrior II pose outside on yoga mats

The popular image of yoga may involve tight clothes and pretzel-like positioning, but it’s a mistake to think that this ancient practice is only for the young and flexible. Yoga is a truly ancient practice that seeks to harmonize the mind, body, and spirit. While its roots can be traced back at least 5,000 years, …

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Why Routines Are Important for Seniors

senior man reading newspaper and drinking coffee

A new study published in JAMA Psychiatry makes a convincing case for why routines are important for seniors. After following some 1,800 older adults, researchers determined that people who routinely rose early and stayed engaged and active the longest had a clear advantage over their peers. Seniors in this group had lower rates of both …

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Best Foods for Brain Health

Salmon, eggs, broccoli

Have you ever heard that fish is considered “brain food?” It might sound like an old wives’ tale, but the food you eat can have a tangible impact on your overall brain functions. What are the best foods for brain health? Best Foods for Brain Health When you’re a senior, taking an active interest in …

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