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What Is a Skilled Nursing Community?

Assisted living can provide a lifeline for seniors who need additional support to thrive. However, assisted living alone might not be the right fit for seniors who need help managing a complicated health situation. What is a skilled nursing community, and how does it provide the right level of care for seniors who need it?

Is a Skilled Nursing Community Right for You?

As we age, getting proactive about our health becomes more and more critical. Taking active steps to maintain your physical health is vital to continuing to enjoy life as a senior. However, some seniors have health situations that are too complicated to manage with their resources alone. In these situations, a skilled nursing community can help. But what is a skilled nursing community, and is it the right fit for you?

Skilled Nursing Communities: Support for Rest and Recovery in a Place That Feels Like Home

Skilled nursing communities are similar to typical assisted living communities in many ways. You still get a private living space and all the amenities and support you’d expect as a resident. However, skilled nursing communities also provide senior residents with advanced medical services and therapeutic interventions. Gables on Pelham offers two types of skilled nursing communities to residents:

  • Short-term skilled nursing is intended for seniors who only need to stay briefly, typically to get help with a specific issue. Seniors who benefit from short-term skilled nursing include those recovering from surgeries or other adverse medical events. In short-term care, a resident focuses on rest and recovery, with the goal of returning to everyday life as quickly as possible.
  • Long-term skilled nursing is intended for seniors who would benefit from consistent, reliable care for a medical issue. It’s a good fit for seniors with complicated health conditions or multiple conditions that require active management. Seniors in long-term care focus on adjusting to their new health picture and getting the help they need to keep on enjoying their golden years.

Why Is Skilled Nursing Chosen by So Many Seniors?

You may wonder why a senior would choose a skilled nursing community to manage their health condition. The answer lies both in the skilled nursing and in the community that we’re able to provide:

  • In skilled nursing, seniors receive individualized treatment plans to meet all their needs. Instead of focusing on one issue, skilled nursing can help you improve your overall health. We also provide family caretaker meetings, so your loved ones will always be in the loop and know what you need.
  • The accommodations in skilled nursing are much more comfortable than you’ll typically find in a hospital. Skilled nursing at Gables on Pelham includes amenities like Wi-Fi, daily meals and housekeeping, and a recently updated private living space. You can stay on your own or bring a companion!
  • Some seniors have conditions that require multiple doctor’s visits or medical procedures a week. If you are in skilled nursing, that care can be brought to your doorstep. You can also access other resources that can help, like occupational therapy.
  • Skilled nursing employs experienced rehabilitation professionals and medical experts to provide round-the-clock care to residents. You’ll be able to enjoy living in a cozy, homelike atmosphere and still receive top-quality medical care.


What is a skilled nursing community? It’s a place that provides the medical care you need in a supportive community you’ll be proud to join. Visit us at Gables on Pelham and see for yourself!

Are you looking for a community that puts senior health and well-being first? At The Gables on Pelham, we’re happy to provide our residents with various tools and services to assist them in making the most of life. With our warm, welcoming environment and full community calendar, you’ll surely find plenty of friends and opportunities for activity and wellness. To learn more, please schedule a call with us at 864-713-1377.