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How to Sell Antiques

antique coffee grinder, ashtray, glass, etc

If you no longer have the time or space to appreciate your lovely antiques, you may want to consider selling them. And after living with the items for so many years, you surely want to see them go to a loving home. But how? Whether you’re moving to an assisted living community, cleaning out your …

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How to Stay Safe When Shopping Online

Senior woman looking at laptop carefully with a serious expression

One of the biggest changes in the holiday season over the past few decades is that now most people do their Christmas shopping online instead of at brick-and-mortar stores. In fact, according to Gallup, 93 percent of U.S. holiday shoppers will buy at least some gifts online, and 47 percent will buy all or nearly …

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Subscription Gift Ideas for Seniors

Senior woman happily opening cardboard box

It’s the gift that keeps on giving! When you gift your loved one a subscription box, you’re not just giving them one singular gift — you’re giving them an ongoing gift that provides lasting enjoyment! And with their current popularity, you’re sure to find a fun subscription that fits your loved one’s interests. Scroll down …

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Benefits of Pet Therapy for Seniors

Two seniors with dog outside in autumn

If you’ve ever been welcomed home by a dog, you understand how quickly these furry creatures can turn a person’s day around. With their wagging tails, unbridled excitement, and boundless affection, dogs are natural mood boosters. Or, perhaps you prefer cats! Some cats are calm and gentle, preferring to quietly curl up in your lap …

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The Power of Forgiveness

Senior woman touching hands to her chest, looking pleased

It’s impossible to make it to your golden years without having experienced some heartbreak. Everybody gets their feelings hurt now and then, and learning how to let go of that pain can make your life easier. You can’t always get a perfect resolution after somebody hurts you, but embracing the power of forgiveness is a …

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The Basics of Estate Planning

Smiling senior couple looking at legal papers together, lawyer sitting in foreground

Estate planning is one of the most essential things a senior can do to provide for their loved ones and ensure their wishes are followed. Learn the basics of estate planning so you can get started on this essential process. The Basics of Estate Planning You have a plan for your golden years. Do you …

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How Do Seniors Meet New Friends?

Three senior women smiling and looking at laptop, senior man chatting with friend

Making lasting friendships as an adult can seem challenging, but if you put some effort into the task, you’re bound to reap the rewards. How do seniors meet new friends? It’s all about finding ways to connect with people who make you happy. How Do Seniors Meet New Friends? Are you having trouble making the …

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The Benefits of Assisted Living

Seniors playing bingo, woman raising her hands in triumph

Choosing the right kind of senior living community can be challenging. There are plenty of living options for seniors, so how do you decide which choice is right for you? For many seniors, the benefits of assisted living make it a no-brainer. The Benefits of Assisted Living When finding the right supportive senior living community, …

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