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How to Keep in Touch with Your Long-Distance Friends

In an ideal world, it would be lovely to be able to keep your friends close. Then again, when your friends are a bit farther away, they always have stories to tell you about their latest adventures. Distance can present challenges, but exploring how to keep in touch with your long-distance friends can help you overcome these obstacles and keep your friendships strong.

How to Keep in Touch with Your Long-Distance Friends

People move for many reasons. Some move for work or school. Others want to be closer to family or are seeking a desirable climate, an affordable living environment, or a living situation that’s better suited to their needs. Some simply have itchy feet. They get restless staying in one place and are eager to give somewhere new a try. In the past, leaving friends behind often meant losing touch because communication over great distances was often expensive and difficult. Today, technology has made reaching out simple, so there are lots of fun options.

As you explore how to keep in touch with your long-distance friends, you don’t have to settle for a cookie-cutter approach. There’s no one right way to do it. Instead, you can pick the method (or methods) that works best for you and your friend.

Talking on the Phone

Chatting on the phone is an easy way to stay in touch. You can choose a regular time to catch up or call whenever the opportunity arises. Just remember to check the timezone if your friend doesn’t live in yours!


Phone calls only work when you’re both available at the same time. Emails are ready whenever. You can type one up when you have a spare moment and send it off without worrying about whether the timing is inconvenient for your friend. Your missive will arrive instantly, but it won’t be troublesome like a phone call in the middle of the night might be. Instead, the email will simply sit quietly in their inbox until they’re ready to read it.

Using Social Media

Is your friend active on social media? Whether they post on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube, engaging with them there can help to keep your friendship strong. You may decide to comment on their content or simply acknowledge their effort so that they know that you’ve stopped by. With either approach, keeping up with your friend in the online world offers an extra benefit: you can use what you’ve seen in their feed to fuel conversations in the real world later!

Video Chatting

Video chatting allows you to both see and hear the person you’re calling, so it’s easy to see why it’s gaining in popularity. According to Statista, over 25 percent of adults 55 to 64 were using their cell phones to make video calls in 2022. Of course, cell phones aren’t the only tool available. Laptops and tablets can also be used. What if you aren’t very tech-savvy? There are devices designed to keep things simple while letting you enjoy basic functions like video chatting. The Grandpad is one example.

Sharing an Activity

Friends spend time having fun together. While distance can make that harder, creativity and a little flexibility make almost anything possible. Do you enjoy watching movies together? Hold an Amazon Prime Video Watch Party. Are you both fans of reading? Start a book club with virtual discussions. Do you enjoy board games? Host a game night where you play over a video call. With some ingenuity, you can find a way to have fun together no matter how many miles separate you.

Sending a Letter

Letter writing may be an old-fashioned form of communication, but there’s something to be said for tradition. While digital and voice communication may be faster, cheaper, and easier, a letter is tangible. When you’re far away from the people you care about, it’s sometimes nice to have a physical reminder. An exchange of letters or care packages requires more effort, so it might be something that’s saved for special occasions.


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