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Christmas Gifts for Seniors Who Have Everything

Don’t you wish you had Santa as a personal shopper? He always knows what to get for everyone! Unfortunately, most of us are on our own when it comes to picking gifts for our friends and families. What are some good Christmas gifts for seniors who have everything?

Christmas Gifts for Seniors Who Have Everything

We all have at least one friend or family member who is tough to shop for. No worries! With a little creativity, you can still find a gift that will make your loved one smile.

Support Their Favorite Hobby

Most people have at least one hobby they enjoy. Hobbies are great opportunities for Christmas gifts, because most hobbies require frequently replenished supplies. If your senior loved one is a knitter, for example, they will not be disappointed by some specially-selected yarn they can turn into their next big project. Hobby supplies are also nice gifts because they show you’re paying attention and support your loved one’s endeavors. If you aren’t sure what to buy, and a gift card feels too impersonal, call a craft store and ask for advice.

On the other hand, sometimes a new hobby is the best gift of all. If your senior loved one has expressed interest in a hobby but hasn’t taken the plunge yet, why not help them get started? A gift certificate to a genealogy website, a make-your-own candle kit, some new sneakers suited to daily walking – the options are endless!

Show Them You Care

When you’re looking for Christmas gifts for seniors who have everything, don’t forget the reason you’re buying one! A Christmas gift is often a fun treat, but it’s also a reminder that someone cares about you. Why not give your senior a personalized, loving gift that reminds them that you’re thinking of them? Set up a Wi-Fi-powered digital photo frame that lets them see photos of friends and family whenever they want, or make a photo book of a special occasion you spent with them. If there are young ones in your life, recruit some help to make a fun present that your senior loved one will treasure. A gift from the heart will always beat one from the store!

Another great way to show you care is a practical gift. It may not seem as flashy as some gift options, but a practical item is a gift that will keep giving for years to come. Are they always losing their readers? Is opening jars an ongoing source of frustration? Are they looking for a way to sit down in the shower, but they don’t like the looks of the shower seats at the drugstore? You can find glasses stands, easy jar openers, and luxury shower stools in gift guides for seniors across the internet. Your loved one will think of you every time your gift makes their life a little bit easier.

Share Your Blessings with Others

Perhaps you and your senior friend truly do have everything you need. This is the best time of year to send those blessings outwards to people who need a little extra help. Think about the causes that are important to your loved one, and how you can support them in a thoughtful way. If your senior regularly volunteers somewhere, consider donating to that organization in their name. You can also consider a unique donation opportunity like “adopting” an animal at a local zoo, or sponsoring a holiday meal for a family in need. 

If you want to support a good cause while still putting a gift box under your loved one’s tree, consider purchasing a gift that helps others. There are lots of unique things you can buy where a portion of your purchase price will be donated to people in need. Your senior loved one will be touched that you thought of them, and that you’re thinking of others too.


Christmas gifts can be tricky, especially Christmas gifts for seniors who have everything. Just remember that the most important part of a gift is showing someone you care about them. As long as you do that, any gift is the perfect gift for your senior loved one. Merry Christmas!

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