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Weather in Greenville, SC

Weather is a go-to conversation topic for good reason! It impacts everyone on a daily basis. Is it raining? Don’t forget your umbrella! Has the temperature skyrocketed to triple digits? Better reschedule that picnic! Is a snowstorm on the way? Stock up on food and puzzles! Considering how often we think about the weather, it also makes perfect sense that weather comes into play when we’re deciding where to retire. If you’re thinking about joining us at the Gables on Pelham, scroll down to learn more about the weather in Greenville, SC. We think you’ll love our mild winters, gorgeous springs, and cool autumns.

Exploring the Weather in Greenville, SC

Greenville has a subtropical climate and four distinct seasons. Although each season has its fans, most would agree that spring and fall are the standouts. Spring offers sunshine and blooming flowers, while autumn brings crisp temperatures and colorful foliage. Let’s take a look at what you can expect from the weather in Greenville, SC, throughout the year.

Spring: Warm and Sunny

Spring is often touted as the ideal time to visit Greenville. The days are long and sunny, and the nights are cool. Gardens begin to bloom, and the trees turn green and lush again. While the high typically fluctuates between 60°F and 83°F, the low might reach 40°F. This is an ideal time for outdoor activities like walks in the park, dining al fresco, or simply chatting with a friend on the porch.

Summer: Hot and Muggy

Some summer days are beautiful, but others are quite hot and muggy, so it’s important to be prepared! Generally, the high temperatures fall between 76°F and 96°F, while the low typically hovers around 64°F to 68°F. Take advantage of those nice days, but when the temperature skyrockets, be sure to limit your time outdoors, stay hydrated, and protect your skin from the harsh sun. Also, note that July is the wettest month in Greenville, so it’s good to keep an umbrella or light rain jacket on hand.

Fall: Crisp and Cool

Autumn is absolutely lovely in Greenville. Warm temperatures extend through September, but the humidity and heat begin to fade in October. The high usually falls between 58°F and 85°F, while the low lands between 40°F and 68°F. Enjoy the moderate, dry temperatures but be sure to carry a jacket because it can get chilly at night. This is a great time of year to enjoy a scenic walk in the Blue Hill Mountains and marvel at the vibrant foliage.

Winter: Mild and Chilly

Because Greenville is in the South, many people assume that it lacks a true winter. But in fact, Greenville becomes relatively chilly in the winter months: the high typically hovers around 55°F, while the low typically falls between 22°F and 53°F. It’s cold enough to feel like a true winter but also quite mild—a relief for those who dread the cold. Though snow is rare, sometimes we enjoy a light dusting in December!


The weather in Greenville, SC, gives you a little taste of everything: bountiful spring sunshine, sweltering summers, crisp-as-a-leaf fall temps, and mild-yet-chilly winters. We love it, and we hope you will too!

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