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Labor Day Activities for Seniors

Did you know that Labor Day has been around since 1894? That’s when Congress passed an act to make the first Monday in September an official holiday: Labor Day, which, according to, “pays tribute to the contributions and achievements of American workers.” And actually, its history goes back even further because before it was a national holiday, Labor Day was celebrated by individual states and labor activists. These days, most Americans celebrate Labor Day with fun parades, picnics, parties, and a little time off work. To ensure you enjoy this holiday to the fullest, scroll down to check out some Labor Day activities for seniors.

Labor Day Activities for Seniors

Check Out Local Events

First, be sure to explore local events in your community. Many cities host parades and parties for Labor Day – complete with food, fireworks, and music – and these events are an excellent way to socialize, support local businesses, and have some fun!

Gobble Up Some Festive Foods

What is Labor Day without a barbecue? As it’s often considered the unofficial end of summer, Labor Day is the perfect time to eat your favorite BBQ foods: hamburgers, hot dogs, baked beans, potato salad, fresh fruit, and so much more. Whether you choose to have a barbecue or not, be sure to use this delightful holiday as an excuse to indulge in some of your favorite foods.

Try Some New Crafts

If you want to ensure that you really celebrate Labor Day, instead of treating it like any other summer day, consider doing some arts and crafts projects. Whether you do them with friends, your grandchildren, or on your own, the following craft ideas will help you embrace your creativity and create something beautiful:

Although most of these crafts were designed for July 4th, they’ll work for Labor Day too!

Enjoy Nature

Although this holiday honors hard work, that doesn’t mean you need to work hard on Labor Day! Instead, consider spending some time in the great outdoors to appreciate the beauty of nature. Take a long walk, fish at a nearby lake, or have a picnic in the park. Spending time in these peaceful settings will help you rest and recharge.

Take a Trip Down Memory Lane

Especially if you’ll be spending Labor Day with younger family members, the holiday weekend is a great time to bust out some old family photos and videos. You can reminisce with your loved ones over shared memories and introduce your grandchildren to your family’s long history. Not only will it be fun to look back, but also it can be a valuable learning experience for the children in your family. As a part of your trip down memory lane, consider discussing the occupations of your family members and ancestors.


How will you celebrate Labor Day this year? Whatever you do, be sure to get your friends and family in on the fun.

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